Postcard Networker - 4 Reasons why Postcards generate great Leads!

Why Postcard Networker ? Why Postcards?I thought I would do a short video explaining why I believe Postcards are one of the best ways to generate leads to any MLM or  Network Marketing business offer.

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Weight Loss Tips: Drink Enough Water

There is a good reason so many people talk about drinking enough water when trying to lose weight.

Here are some reasons to drink enough water:
The Body can be confused between hunger and thirst.Just a 1% Dehydration can significantly reduce Metabolism.Drinking Water before meals can help you feel fuller.Water has zero calories

One study points out that people who drink water before Meals lower their calorie intake by 75 calories per meal on average. This might not sound like much but that’s around an 8 pound loss in a year.
How much water is enough?
The amount of water you need will vary upon Climate and lifestyle.
In general, you should drink ½ oz  to 1 oz per pound of weight.
Someone who lives in hotter climates that exercises a lot will need a more water than someone who’s less active, living in a cooler location.

Home Based Business: It's Not Just The Money.

There are many reasons people hate their job. It isn't just the lack of money. Everyone who punches a clock has a feeling of working too hard for too little, but there is so much more to drive you crazy at work.  
Co-workers can get annoying.  You never get the time off you want.  You end up spending way too much time driving, spending way too much money on gas. You don't control your own schedule. My biggest reason I hated working for someone else ~ I hated the alarm clock. I wanted to sleep when I wanted to sleep. Stress kills. I have heard many times that more heart attacks occur Sunday night or Monday morning than at any other time. That tells me that people would rather DIE then go to work.

Some people bring many of the stresses from work into their home and that can cause relationship issues.
So if you hate your JOB. Do something about it. My advice is to find a Home Based Business that you can start part time.  Learn how to build your business and work hard for a few years.…

Weight Loss Tips: Find Like Minded Friends

When it comes to weight loss, Friends matter.  
People tend to stay focused and on track when they surround themselves with other people that have the same goals and struggles. The sharing of ideas and set backs often develop a sense of accountability and comradeship. Just finding one person can improve individual results.  If you walk for exercise for example, having a walking buddy will decrease the chance you will skip a day here and there.  You might even find the walk to be more fun with friendly chat as a distraction.
If you don't know anyone in your neighborhood in the same situation as you,  there are options. You could join a GYM and meet people. You could join a Forum online.  Some people place classified ads in local newspapers for walking or exercise partners.  Look for a Facebook or Google+ Group to join.

Getting Results Takes Time and Effort

Results don't happen over night.

In any endeavor, results take effort and time. People often say they want to build a home based business  but words will not build a successful business, actions will. 
Not just any actions.  Proper actions accumulated over time. Taking the wrong actions or not taking ENOUGH correct action will not lead to success.
Results often can be mapped out into a set of simple actions. People too often mistake simple for easy.  For example:
If you want a natural and wonderful air freshener in your home, you can use Lilac.  Here is how to use Lilac in your home as an air freshener in 4 simple steps. (Not easy) 
1)  Plant Lilac bushes. 2) Wait for Lilac Bush to grow
Picture of our Lilac bush. Photo taken by my wife Carolyn Albro

3)  Cut off a few of the Flowers when in bloom. 4)  Place Lilac flowers in a jar or vase with water.

These 4 steps are all simple. It takes a long time for a Lilac Bush to grow. It seems pretty silly to plant seeds then expect to grow flowers overni…

Hike at Lake Cushman

Dry Creek Trail was about 7 miles round trip.
The lake was not full yet. There were many tree stumps that could be seen that normally are under water.

The trail followed the lake where we passed by a lot of private vacation houses and shacks right on the lake. We got a great shot of this one tiny cabin all alone in the middle of the forest.  Not big enough to be a vacation house, we figure it must be a fishing shack.

Once the trail heads away from the lake, the trail became fairly steep and there were a few small water falls.

We hiked to an elevation where there was still some snow and we spotted a track. It may have been a Dog track or Coyote Track in the snow.
 Dry Creek wasn't so dry, with melting Snow draining down the creek into the lake.

Lose weight: 36 Tips To Help With Cravings

1. Get rid of all the bad foods you crave! Just throw out all those snacks, candies, donuts and other bad foods that's making you gain weight and even if you still have strong cravings for those bad foods.

2. Eat more fiber (Raw Fruits & Veggies) Fiber keeps you fuller longer and kills all your sugar cravings. An easy way to feel fuller and eat less.

3. Make sure at least 30% of your diet is protein People who drank either whey protein 90 minutes before being allowed to eat freely at a buffet table ate significantly less calories than those who did not drink whey protein.

4. Drink more WATER When you get dehydrated you will get very hungry because your body will increase your hunger pangs in an attempt to get more water to re-hydrate itself .
5. You can drink a glass of vegetable juice before meals Studies have shown that drinking vegetable juice before meals suppresses your appetite by making you eat 135 less calories at each meal.

6. Eat some fiber & protein and drink some water at…